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The main purpose of AURORA, which is produced by the specially patented GREEN THERAPY method, which provides the reproduction and volume increase of the skin tissues, and which can be absorbed by the skin over time, and which has proved its efficacy with BIOLIFTING effect;

  • Correction of Deep Wrinkles
  • Volume renewal & gaining
Hyaluronic Acid Consentration 25 mg/ml 
Injection area Sub-dermis
Deep Hypoderma
Above periosteum
Package included 3 x 1 ml
Packet content needles 1 sterile needle 23G 19 mm
1 sterile cannula 25G 38 mm

AURORA, which is effective in restoring the volume and maintaining the face proportion, smoothing the deep wrinkles without changing the morphological features on the face;

  • For Correcting Deep Skin Wrinkles,
  • In Gaining Volume,
  • In Deep Local Volume (Lh) Cases,
  • In the construction of cheekbones,
  • In strengthening the Frontal Malar regions,
  • For the removal of deep wrinkles in the nasolabial region,
  • In shaping the contour of the chin,
  • It is recommended for chin enlargement.

Aurora is injected into the deep layers with a special needle and cannula in the package. The injection technique varies according to the area to be treated and can be bolus (single or multiple) or retrograde linear and uniform release. Injections points;


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