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AURORA Bio, Ultra-Pure and high quality Hyaluronic Acid (specially produced by FIDIA FARMACEUTICI) is an injectable skin resurfacing product in its sterile and absorbable form.

Hyaluronic Acid Consentration 16 mg/ml
Compound Ultra Pure, high-quality Hyaluronic acid
Injection area and technique
  • Micro-papule technique around the mouth
  • Superficial linear technique around the eye
  • Linear or micro-papule technique in neck and décolleté region
  • Micro-papule technique on hand
Effect Every 2 weeks, 1 ml - for 6 weeks
Then 1 ml once a month
Package included 3 x 1 ml
Packet content needles 3 sterile needles 33 G/ 4 mm

Ultra-Pure, high quality Hyaluronic acid not only has a significant effect on the moisture and oil balance of the skin, but also supports the anti-oxidation of the skin by showing anti-oxidant effect on the skin. For this purpose;

  • Reduces time marks by naturally reducing wrinkles,
  • Starting with moistening and stimulation at a young age, it provides a PREVENTIVE effect,
  • Applications before and after sun exposure PROTECT the skin before aging,
  • IMPROVES the quality of acne, scars and stretch marks,
  • EFFECTIVE in redefining facial volume,
  • IT ADDS elasticity and toning to the face and décolleté,
  • ILLUMINATES the lower eye.


Thanks to the innovative formulation of AURORA Bio containing different molecular weight Ultra-Pure Pure Hyaluronic acid for 6 months following the first application;

  • It naturally integrates into the skin during application and the lifting effect is observed after application;
  • It is applied to the skin and its surroundings, especially the holding legs, with the microinjection technique. New vessels due to microtraumas created by microinjection technique are formed and the tissue is reconstructed by increasing microcirculation.
  • It makes the consistency of adipose tissue more homogeneous due to the aging of the skin with its fat dissolving effect.
  • Thanks to the ultra-pure Hyaluronic acid, it provides instant moisturization of the skin.
Effect Areas

Regions where AURORA Bio is homogeneously applied to the entire skin and especially around the holding bonds as micro - injection;

  • Forehead and middle of the brow
  • Eyes and mouth area
  • Face and neck in general
  • Decollete area
  • Hand on
  • Over the Knee
  • It is determined as cellulite and cracked areas.

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