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Aurora Kiss, is specially produced for the lips to be prominent, to gain volume and to be beautiful with strong moisturizing effect with small touches.

Aurora Kiss
Hyaluronic Acid Consentration 25 mg/ml
Injection area Mid - Hypoderma
Mucous membrane
Package included 1 x 1 ml
Packet content needles 1 sterile needle 27G
1 sterile cannula 30G

Purpose with AURORA Kiss

  • Natural Fullness
  • It gives intense moisturizing effect.

AURORA Kiss, which shows BIOLIFTING effect with GREEN THERAPY method with international patented production process;

  • Improving the existing form on the lips,
  • Volume increase on lips,
  • Natural Eversion,
  • Correction of asymmetries on the lips - GOLDEN RATIO APPROACH,
  • Moisturizing the lips,
  • Reconstruction of the lip contour,
  • Perioral (around the mouth) provides fine wrinkle removal.

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