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For the purpose of anti-aging and all kinds of tissue regeneration, such as in the face and décolleté area; Using a special Self-Fat technology, a single-use, closed and mechanical system with a homogeneous, mesenchymal stem cell-rich cell population obtained from the purification of autologous adipose tissue with minimal manipulation (non-enzymatic) and a single surgical procedure is a sterile medical device that works.

  • Highly regenerated adipose tissue
  • Minimum side effect as it is an autologous product
  • Homogeneous, fractional and high purity and vitality cell population
  • Simple, fast and effective procedure - Maximum safety and sterility
  • Classification in accordance with Medical Device Institutions and Regulations (CE certificate / Class IIa)
  • Product registered to the Ministry of Health Product Tracking system
  • Proven cell counts and viability rates (Yeditepe University Stem Cell Laboratory)

Discover your beauty with Self-FAT technology


"There was a noticeable improvement in fine lines, wrinkles, and skin tone inequalities in women and men with Milligraft application."



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